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converse-public-library-2Inspired to share her imagination and creative spirit through short stories as early as the third grade, LaTanya Ward-Showers got her writing start early.  Check out her first blog on “How I Became


  • “My oldest son enjoyed reading this book to his younger sister and brother. The youngest ones were just as interested, great book to let kids know who are afraid of the dark that they are not alone and they can overcome it.”
  • “I enjoyed the book. What made it even better was that my kids just loved it. Having a 10, 7, and 3 year old, it is kind of hard finding a book that they all like, but they all enjoyed this book so very much. The story was great from start to finish and left the kids wanting more after every page. The illustrations were great and it gave the kids something to relate to. Hopefully there will be many more books to come.”
  • “Could it be....... a fantastic book? An emphatic yes! I loved this book from beginning to end. Not only are the illustrations vibrant..... the story is as well. Children reading this book will be drawn in; little Isaiah has the quality ALL of our kids share - curiosity! I actually found myself wondering what was in the attic too. It is always refreshing to read a children's book that focuses on family dynamics as well. I loved that Mother, Father, and little Isaiah were all part of the story . I'd like to add that this is a great read for any family, but children of color will be especially happy to see characters that look like them! I purchased this book for my son and 3 nephews; I am looking forward to Mrs. Ward- Showers' next endeavor.”
  • “This is a great ANYTIME storybook, but especially fitting for bedtime! Could It Be a Monster In The Attic? is a classic bedtime story that addresses the ageless issue of things that go bump in the night. The main character approaches this problem with courage and confidence instead of fear. I think this is a great way to tell a classic boogey man type tale with a fresh new outlook. It helps build courage and confidence as your own children work through similar night time related issues. Cute, easy to share/show illustrations, and just enough content without the story dragging on. Easy reader, so your young ones can jump right in and read the story themselves. Glad to see a book with Afr. Amer. characters, as it isn't always easy finding enough books to fill that void. Definitely pick this up, you won't be disappointed!!”

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Layla Loves Cookies was inspired by a true story from my own childhood and of course I added a little twist to it! I would have loved to share the entire story exactly as it happened but as you know it is hard to keep the
little ones attention.  

When I was coming up I had a little red stool that read:
This little stool is mine
To use it all the time
I reach the things I couldn't
And lots of things I shouldn't

I broke the stool somehow, actually I think my sister broke it but either way it had to be tossed out! Prior to the toss I did use it to reach a lot of things I shouldn't, ESPECIALLY COOKIES! Honestly, I had a pretty good run with the cookie snatching before I got busted!

I found the same vintage stool (geesh that made me feel real old) from my childhood online. Did anyone else have this stool, I did not realize it was so popular.

Be sure to order your copy of Layla Loves Cookies and enjoy my little TRUTH WITH A TWIST!



Layla’s mom is a fashion and beauty editor and she spends her day covering fabulous fashion and beauty news and writing her own content. She also does daily blogging, covers fashion shows, and is constantly out on the market to find the top trends and beauty products for Embolden Magazine.

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Layla’s dad isn’t just a normal college professor, he also writes for a major television network and Layla loves this because she has the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people! As a professor he is dedicated to teaching his students beyond the books and teaches them how to face the real world.

Layla’s dad is portrayed as a quiet man but his personality really shines through his work both as a writer and professor – not surprising, since he has earned many awards and nominations for outstanding writing and as an effective teacher.  

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Hannah is Layla's big sister and in Layla's eyes she is the coolest girl on the block. Hannah really preferred a little brother instead but she has warmed up to Layla and even lets her hang out with her and her friends at times.  Even though Hannah is the oldest she somehow ends up involved in most of Layla's going-ons!

If you have an older sister you know it can be an advantage in many ways and for nothing in the world would you replace her.

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