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Step Away From The Chocolate Cake

As I sit hear working away I have a moment... I realize I am doing it again... I let myself get too busy and instead of taking the time to exercise and make better eating choices I'm putting off gym time and opting to snack on the first thing within reach (things like chocolate cake and chips).

Article pitches are going out, blog post are being written, interviews are being done, little one is fed and comfortable, hubby is fed and comfortable and I'm full off of CHOCOLATE CAKE! My breakfast was chocolate cake. Sigh.... Earlier this year I interviewed Certified Personal Trainer Tunetha Wren for some tips on maintaining wellness while on the go. 


Looks like I need to take the advice I shared with all of you! If you just need a reminder like me or you missed the publication earlier this year here it is again:

Maintaining Wellness With A Busy Life
By LaTanya Ward Showers

It’s great to plan fitness goals for the summer and perhaps for some a new chapter in life.  Juggling it all and staying on top of your health can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.  If you wish to not only look good in your new swimsuit but also want to commit to a health and fitness plan then start  off by making at least small adjustments to your busy lifestyle. 

Good nutrition and regular exercise are just a few healthy habits to help you focus on your path to wellness and more importantly staying fit even beyond the summer months.

We interviewed Certified Personal Trainer and Lecturer in Health and Kinesiology Tunetha Wren  Parchem, MPT for a few nutrition and exercise tips to help shift your thinking from too busy to exercise mentality to thinking of ways to use your time better. 

I was hoping for a magic number below 30, but Tunetha confirmed that according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) at least 30 minutes of exercise is the best way to gain results. 

Ok so no excuses, finding the time to exercise can be a challenge but there are always ways to fit it in.  One tip Tunetha suggested is to try and get up at least 30 minutes earlier one to two times a week until your body adjusts to morning workouts.  Body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups, lunges, and crunches can all be done in the comfort of your home.  Tunetha also adds that exercising in the comfort of your home can help you save time from having to drive to the gym.  And when it comes to personal activity skip the mall or dinner out with your friends and encourage them to join you for a group exercise instead.  All of you can catch up on the latest and get your fitness in at the same time. 

Nutrition is one of the main reasons fitness goals are not obtained so to stay on target Tunetha suggests planning ahead.  Overcome distraction and be at the top of your game by getting organized.  One of the best ways to reduce stress while making the most of your tight schedule is to get organized and energize your mind.  You can also energize your mind by eating the right foods.  Beat the urge of snacking on greasy and fried foods by packing healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers.   Just because certain foods are easily accessible doesn’t mean they are good for you so PLAN AHEAD!

Focus on the health and fitness goals you set and make good use of your valuable time.   Even if you have to do it in small increments each week make the time.
It’s ok to be busy, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  Establish a lifestyle that will help you stay on schedule, set realistic goals, and continue to make strides on the right path. 
Interview Credit (Exercise and Nutrition):

Tunetha Wren Parchem, MPT,
B.S. Kinesiology
UTSA - Health & Kinesiology Dept
Lecturer II
Certified Personal Trainer, National Institute of Preventative Medicine (Sam Houston State University)