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Toddler Inspiration: The Not Yet Mentality

When I tell my son "NO" he usually responds with "NOT YET" and I was quick to correct him at first until I looked at it differently.

I encourage my son to be independent and I try hard to speak to him in a manner that builds his confidence. In his case no usually means no but the more important thing is even at the age of three he realizes no is not always the final answer. If a three year old realizes no does not always mean no then we as adults should certainly have no excuse to ever give up after we hear no. Regroup and re-strategize but DON'T give up!


As we go into the new year my hope is that instead of taking disappointments from a past NO into 2014 that like my three year old you will take on a NOT YET mentality.

What are you waiting for to start working toward your YES? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Define Your Specific Goals
Know the steps to get to your goal destination and BE SPECIFIC.

2. Polish Your Elevator Pitch
Imagine yourself on an elevator and a major investor hops on with you. He then asks if you know any inspiring business owners looking to have their business expenses paid for. Do you know how you would react? If not then you haven't perfected your pitch! Don't let your golden opportunity pass you by because your mind goes blank or you have never considered a pitch. Your pitch should be quick, catchy, and the individual should be so intrigued that they want to find out more. Remember a pitch is quick so be prepared!

3. Make a motivation board and keep it visible
I'm old school and prefer to write things down, cut them out of magazines, etc but if that is not your thing then create a digital board. Either way keep it near to stay on track.

4. Track Your Progress
You are going to get to those moments where you feel frozen and you feel like you are not making any progress. In these cases look back to where you started and see how far you have come. Tracking progress is very important in moving forward.

5. Remember Why This Is Your Passion
Whether it’s money, to bring awareness, or to simply connect with new people never lose focus.

Stay ENCOURAGED and remember the NOT YET mentality!