How I Became

When people first find out I’m an author, the first thing they want to know is how I got started.  I think they expect a story about formal writing classes/education and many years of planning, but honestly my story is very simple.  My parent’s attitude about education, striving for what you want, and never giving up played a huge role in my take charge journey.  My mom and dad were my very first teachers and along the way I had some pretty awesome school teachers.  Particularly, my third grade teacher Mrs. Mitchell really inspired me with her positive attitude about writing and being creative.  So when people ask when I start writing stories I enjoy telling them as early as the third grade!

 In 2010 I was blessed with a precious son who inspires great things in me.  At just the age of around two is when I started collaborating with him on stories!  I would bring up a simple topic (like the attic) and his imagination would start flowing.  My first book Could It Be A Monster In The Attic? was inspired by and dedicated to him.  

While shopping for books to read and share with him I was disappointed when I could not find written material that had images he could relate to.  I knew I was not the only parent to go through this, but I really wanted to try and be a part of making a difference.  I remember sitting on the couch talking to my mom on the phone and sharing my frustration with her when she responded “well you are creative and you are good at writing, why don’t you write a children’s book” Without hesitation I got right on it and here I am with my second children’s book on the way!

Once my book was out I started getting invites to speak and be a guest reader.  All I initially wanted to do was share my short stories, even if my son was the only one exposed to them. But after my first speaking engagement I realized speaking was something that came natural to me, I wanted to do it again, and I was blessed with the ability to inspire others.  This goes back to my early years of learning to believe in myself and I realized writing and speaking was something I was good at and I wanted to expand on.  You really have to go out there and create success for yourself; I truly believe this and live this.

I recognized a need regarding the lack of diversity in children’s books and main characters and all I wanted to do was be a part of the solution.  With the help and encouragement of some awesome people in my life it has been possible.  Just a simple beginning and an awesome journey.