Layla’s mom is a fashion and beauty editor and she spends her day covering fabulous fashion and beauty news and writing her own content. She also does daily blogging, covers fashion shows, and is constantly out on the market to find the top trends and beauty products for Embolden Magazine.

Layla’s mom has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and upon graduation started her career in the industry as a stylist. She has a heart for fashion students paving their way in the industry and loves to discover new talent and feature up-and coming designers.  She fully embraces FASHION FOR EVERYONE and also focuses on the race and size diversity issues in the industry.

Layla loves that sometimes she and her sister Hannah are allowed to accompany her mom on work trips and they meet some of the most stylist and creative individuals.  

Layla’s mom FAVORITE fashion tips:

• Always keep a pair of cute flats for backup 

• Pack light snacks for long assignments

• Keep red lipstick for quick touch ups